Due to a recent update in the executive order for gyms, we are no longer able to provide our members individualized indoor training.
Indoor training is open for personal training appointments with personal trainers only. We have opened an outdoor facility utilizing the large space at our Turf Parking Lot. This is open to to all members. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and sign up for our emails to get the most up to date information.



Inside the Club

Membership Dues

Q: Will I be charged my Membership Dues?
A: Memberships have resumed so that members can book their outdoor workout time using the MindBody app.

Q: Can I suspend my membership?
A: Yes. We can suspend your membership at no cost to you, just click on the button below. We fully understand and have attempted to make the process of continued suspension contactless.

Q: What if I already submitted a membership suspension?
A: You do not need to take any further action.

Q: Can I unsuspend my membership so I may use the outdoor facility?
A: Absolutely! Please click here.

Strength and Fitness Club has such an amazing membership base that many of you have reached out to us requesting we continue to charge your monthly dues even during this statewide mandatory indoor closure. If you would like to “Donate” your dues to the facility, and you would like us to continue to bill you your monthly dues, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This income will be used to help sustain our facility while we are closed (utilities, rent, limited staff for required cleaning and necessary remote office work, etc).

Thank you for your continued support. Together, we are stronger and we will persevere.