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Here are a few inspirational comments from our members.


Joelle. Photos courtesy of Nir Arieli
Joelle. Photos courtesy of Nir Arieli

Meet Joelle

A Performing Artist with Explosive Jumps

Please help us in congratulating performing artist, Joelle Anderson who recently graduated from The Ailey School, home of the world renowned Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. She is now a professional artist and we will look to see her gracing the stages around the world.

“I had the pleasure of training Joelle to help improve her explosive jumps.  I was also fortunate to personally attend her more recent performance and she is well worth the price of admission.”  Robert McGrady

Strength and Fitness Club is blessed to have elite athletes and elite performing artists as members who have chosen our club for their fitness training.
Joelle. Photos courtesy of Nir Arieli
Joelle. Photos courtesy of Nir Arieli


Meet Tyshon

Preparing for the Season

I was introduced to the Strength and Fitness Club by my neighbor, who attends Robert McGrady’s Cross-Training BootCamp.  I have also worked out with Robert McGrady’s Outdoor Bootcamp and I find it very challenging.  I like training at Strength and Fitness Club because it’s a safe gym where I can prepare for my season while I’m home.  This gym offers free weight, strength machines and all the equipment I need to stay in shape and on top of my workouts in preparation for the football season.  I am blessed to have Robert McGrady as my trainer because he gives an intense, challenging and fun workout.  All in all, this gym provides all that I need and more.

Tyshon H., Offensive Tackle

Tyshon Football


Meet Stefan

Getting back in shape
Looking Toned, Feeling Great

When starting out with the team at S&F, I had neglected my fitness for many years. More than the occasional swim with the kids or a round of golf I had not done much for years. Now, after working with the team at S&F for a little over a year, I can say that I am in the best shape of my life. My strength improved, I look toned, I lost weight, added muscles and I am much more flexible. Today I enjoy working out regularly and also started running, having recently finished my first half marathon.

I want to thank the team at S&F for their guidance and expertise. The trainers are top-class, the equipment is always clean and in good condition and the friendly atmosphere at S&F always makes you feel welcome.










Meet Jessica

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Fitness has been a way of life for me for about fifteen years. Having been overweight much of my twenties, I decided to change that and began working out and eating healthy. I dropped 60 pounds and added muscle and continue to push myself physically to new levels and help other people as well by doing personal training and teaching. For a long time I have wanted to compete to have a new goal to work toward, and I have committed to it! I have wonderful coaches, supportive family and friends, and a wonderful gym to train at so I know I will be ready! I have already received so much love and support -it means so much!!!!!



Week Two–Day Two


So, today was “circuit” day. I have to admit this day feels so deliciously good like I am cheating or something. It was nice to go into the gym and just do something that did not require me to wonder whether I was going to trip or fall any second or “DANG JUST HOW LONG ARE THESE THREE MILES”.

I am truly truly blessed to have such a great gym that I am a member of. I cannot stress this enough to anyone who wants to get in shape or train for any marathon. Do not make a goal or NEW YEARS RESOLUTION to go to a gym then pick a gym you hate or won’t go to. Wither the obstacle is distance from where you live or work, atmosphere (big one for me), or price. YOU ARE SETTING YOURSELF UP TO FAIL!

I have been with Strength and Fitness in Cranford NJ for over a year. I ADORE this place. If you are anywhere near this area you should check it out. The owner is a super nice guy whose mother works the front desk and she is just a lovely human being. They are so helpful and never make me feel like an idiot when I have dumb questions (AND YOU KNOW I HAVE THEM). It just has such a positive and good vibe about it. The amenities are up to date and very clean.

I think that for me the first step to this goal happened last year when I decided I needed to be in a better place physically. I started this journey both mentally (big big big part of the journey) and physically in March of last year (OMG ARE WE REALLY IN A NEW YEAR ALREADY). I can say without hesitation that it is because of my gym and the people in it that I continued to go, and that I ENJOYED the time I spent there. They missed me when I wasn’t there, and lets be real it wasn’t a “UM YO CHUNKY PANTS WHERE YOU BEEN” it was a “You know I heard something that made me think of you and was looking to tell you. How you been?”

I mean it MATTERS to me that my gym is my SAFE PLACE. I am the most vulnerable at the gym. This may not make sense to some people but for someone who has struggled with body image her whole life this matters to me. I mean this is the place where you are completely focused on YOU BODY! I usually go in with my ball cap low, my ear buds in and I ignore and avoid everyone. I use to feel like (and sometimes now) there was a big red sign on my butt that said “YEAH I GOTTA BE HERE SO WHAT DONT LOOK OR TALK TO ME”

Being at a gym where it is clear that fitness is not the FIRST priority will make you not want to go. Why would you? If you are trying to make fitness your priority, and you are because that is why you drug your butt there when you really wanted to be in your sweats. You have to know that your gym has the same mentality. I mean you are paying them they better dang well want you there and help you too.

I can’t stress this enough. Choosing an atmosphere that motivates you and that makes you feel safe enough to work on the areas you want to change in yourself, is the game changer. Do your homework. Make sure to take the free trial all gyms give you. I never did that I would just sign a contract and a month later regret it. Don’t do that. Take the FREE OFFER and make sure they have all YOU NEED. If you aren’t going to use the sauna then don’t sign up because they have a cool one, sign up because their elliptical made your heart stop not because their trainers did. Although, let’s be real it’s nice to have SOME eye candy. Just be real with yourself. If the Eye Candy will make you worry more about if your stomach looks fat that you spend more time getting ready then working out for fear of sweating in front of them, you might have an issue. Because what normally will happen is you will eventually not go. It’s about YOU not whoever else. The gym as to reflect you and what you need. Keep this in mind when the very hot trainer is convincing you to sign a contract while his girlfriend(S) are dancing around in full on make up behind you pulling to their JAZZERSIZE class. RUN DONT WALK to a better location for yourself.

Ok off my soap box I go. Well for now. I have the 3 mile tomorrow in the cold and hoping to add one more minute of running. We shall see. I am stoked that I am feeling good and trying not to anticipate pain or failure.

Hoping for more followers and more feedback. So hit me up.



I was made aware of Strength and Fitness approximately 2 years ago by two friends from my former gym. During my first visit to the facility I was immediately impressed by the state of the art equipment, the cleanliness of the facility and the friendliness of the staff. I did not hesitate to join. My goal when I joined Strength and Fitness was to lose 10 pounds and bring down my body fat percentage. I was able to accomplish this by taking advantage of the variety of classes that are offered at Strength and Fitness each week. I love Robert’s total body conditioning class on Sunday morning. I make it a point to attend one, two or all three of Kristin’s cardio kickboxing classes each week and my weekend would not be complete if I didn’t have Ricardo torture me at 10 a.m. each Saturday.

By consistently coming to the gym each week, I exceeded my initial goal so Robert and I sat down recently to come up with another goal for me to shoot for. That’s the great thing about Strength and Fitness – the trainers are always available to answer questions, offer advice and guide you in reaching your potential. I simply cannot say enough about the staff at Strength and Fitness. They are friendly, helpful and most of all, knowledgeable about their craft. It really makes a difference when the receptionist says, “hello” to you when you come in and says, have a nice day when you depart. It makes a difference when the

owner and the trainers take the time out to learn your name and tell you that you’re doing a great job. But the primary reason I love coming to Strength and Fitness and why I am able to work out so frequently is the great, affordable child care that is offered. My kids absolutely love it here. There have been days that I had no intention of coming to work out and either one or the other of my children would say, “What time are we going to the gym?” How’s that for motivation?

Strength and Fitness is a great gym and I’m grateful to all the staff who continue to make coming here a rewarding and pleasurable experience.

Adrienne R., Union NJ


I was 27 years old, 5’9”, 300 lbs. and for my age I had high blood pressure which is steadily heading towards the snowballed effect of heart disease in my family. Getting out of breath during badminton games at family gatherings shouldn’t happen and walking through aisles at the supermarket and movies sometimes felt like an issue.

4 years ago my job delivering mail forced me to be in the best shape of my life. But it’s been three years since I crashed the mail truck and lost any health benefits that I gained from carrying the bag. The opportunity to get back into a healthier routine came when “Strength and Fitness” moved right next door to my current office job.

Previously, I belonged to a more commercialized gym and I immediately began to notice the difference between gym employees and the family owned business that is “Strength and Fitness”. At other gyms you get your standard “Hi, how are you” greeting, but at S&F, if you have the time Doug or his mother, Lynn ask about your weekend, how your workouts are going, and if you need help with anything. They are quick to point out the free classes that are available to their members and if any schedule changes are taking place.

When I first signed up for S&F I was approached about hiring a personal trainer. The important thing to note is that I was approached the one time and that was it. At my previous gym I was constantly asked about a trainer, sometimes 3 or 4 times a week by the same guy. I don’t even think he remembered talking to me and was just going through his sales pitch.

After a month of doing my own routine I took advantage of the free hour with Mike Brown, the head personal trainer. In that hour I learned that I didn’t know what working out really was. I signed up the next day. With Mike I’m learning how to work out to my fullest capacity and how to form a routine that keeps me going. He showed me the difference between having healthy habits and having a healthy lifestyle. Every week we review my eating habits and although it had to change slightly, it’s only because I was eating all the wrong things. Mike explains the importance of protein in your diet and the real secret as to why non-nutritious carbs can be so dangerous.

I joined the gym in April 2008 and its now September. I’ve lost about 50 pounds so far and my blood pressure has dropped considerably. I can run for a good 20-30 minutes straight and have the motivation to push myself to go further every day. With my experience other gyms are looking to make their sales quota, the family at Strength and Fitness are looking to make their members live that healthier lifestyle that we all want.

Thank you Strength and Fitness Club

Mark B., Jackson NJ


From the minute that I walk in the door at Strength and Fitness, I feel comfortable.  I have met so many great people at this club starting with the staff who are very friendly and approachable.  Doug Petschow (owner) is on a first name basis with all the members and he treats everyone like family.  The equipment is state of the art and allows me to reach my goals while not becoming stagnant using the same machines every day.  The personal viewing screen on the cardio makes my workout so much more enjoyable.  I have recommended this club to all my friends and family.

Thank you,

Matt M., Kenilworth, NJ


I’ve been a member of a number of gyms in the past and none of them offer the unique experience and customer service that Strength and Fitness Club does.  Their facility is always kept immaculate and all of their equipment is top of the line.  Whether it’s their impressive weight training apparatus or state of the art cardio equipment, you’re guaranteed the best possible workout.  In addition, their front desk staff is and has always has been very courteous and attentive and their personal training staff is always very knowledgeable and willing to help whenever asked.  They also offer a number of additional great services, including tanning, massage therapy and a top of the line day care facility.

Since joining, my entire family has followed suit and been equally as pleased with the services offered.  Strength and Fitness Club truly does offer the unique family experience that it promotes.

Most importantly, Strength and Fitness Club has given me impressive results very quickly.  Since joining the club in April of 2008, I’ve lost 50 pounds overall.  Most recently I have begun taking the clubs diet management and personal training program with Mike Brown.  In just 30 days, I’ve managed to lose an additional 7 pounds and shed 5 percent of my overall body fat.  These results haven even exceeded my own expectations.

My family and I are members for life, thank you.

Jim D., Cranford, NJ