Strength and Fitness Club offers many personal and group training programs ranging from youth or adult training to targeted sports-specific training.

Personal and Group Training Programs

  1. 1 Hour Training Session
  2. 30 Minute Training Sessions: Get your results in half the time. We design a specific program that includes strength training and cardio as well as a nutritional plan based on your individual needs.  But it does not stop there!! You will be challenged each session to give your maximum effort.  This ever evolving approach is the absolute best for those who are cost conscious but are serious about their fitness goals.
  3. Small Group Training: Personal training in groups of 3 to 6. Get that personalized attention from a trainer while sharing the cost with a group.
  4. Buddy Training: You and a friend with similar goals work with one personal trainer at the same time. Not only will working with a friend help keep you motivated and committed, you’ll also save almost half off compared to the cost of a single session.

Are you an independent trainer looking for space to train your clients?